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Our Trademarks

  • Apro
  • Astra
  • Baide
  • Barbra
  • bayer
  • cazafacil
  • dorusa
  • forza
  • manzate
  • marcopan
  • orendain
  • cafetalito
  • panchoy
  • jaleita
  • arecana
  • sabueso
  • nuky
  • redsun
  • wizard

About Us

We are a distribution company and marketing, with over 15 years distributing high quality products in El Salvador and Guatemala, founded in March 2001. With enthusiasm, dedication and commitment, we have positioned in the market as an alternative to seeking successful partnerships, join up to the needs of our customers and partners. We cover the whole country, attending all marketing channels: supermarkets, agricultural businesses, wholesale and to retail. Task we perform with a motivated and highly trained employees, who work to get our products to the consumer.

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